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Foreign Language and Literature Again Ranked as “China’s Top Discipline”in GDUFS

Time:October 18, 2022  Author:Hu Wenxin  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

On September 21st, Shanghai Ranking released the “2022 Best Chinese Subjects Ranking”, and the core discipline of GDUFS performed excellently. The discipline of Foreign Language and Literature has been ranked among the “Top Disciplines in China” (top 2% in China) for three consecutive years, making GDUFS one of the five universities in Guangdong Province that specializes in that top disciplines. The rankings of applied economics, law, journalism and communication have remained stable in the top 20%, and the rankings of business administration and other disciplines have improved significantly over the past two years.

Foreign Language and Literature 2022 ranked the top 2%