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SHI Youqi Encourages Freshman to Better Themselves at the 2022 Opening Ceremony

Time:September 7, 2022  Author:Liao Wenxin  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS News Website   Photo:From the GDUFS News Website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, September 1st, 2022:Baiyun Mountain has witnessed the coming of a new term. On September the first, GDUFS held the opening ceremony for its 2022 freshmen. The main venue was the Yunshan Hall in North Campus and the branch venues were the South Campus and Knowledge City Campus. The ceremony, held both online and offline, welcomed 7595 freshmen.

The opening ceremony

SHI Youqi, the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee and President of GDUFS, gave a speech which emphasized the theme: “Shoulder the mission of the times, and write the wonderful pages of youth”. Offline, school leaders and representatives from each faculty and freshmen attended the ceremony. The ceremony attracted 100 thousand people online.

SHI pointed out that GDUFS always maintained its original intention of cultivating talents for the party and country. The dreams of serving the motherland and people remain in every GDUFSer ‘s mind. During the 57 years since the university’s establishment, GDUFS has continued to put motherland in the first place, maintained its openness to the world, and chased the ever-better achievements. He hoped that every student can have big dreams, cultivate their morals, refine their talents, and shoulder the mission. He also wished that everyone prove their worth in the era of national responsibility.

SHI was giving speech

Qianfang, the teacher representative and director of the Department of Interpretation and Translation Studies, touched on the “question of the times” and “question of the century” in her speech. She gave useful suggestions for freshmen. The first suggestion was that students should absorb knowledge from any area conscientiously. The second was that students should practice as much as possible instead of focusing on paper and books. The last suggestion was that students should develop themselves with clear dreams and a sense of responsibility. She hoped that every student could keep challenging themselves, chasing larger dreams and while demonstrating the strong character of GDUFS.

Qianfang giving her speech

Tangrui presiding over the ceremony

Senior representative Ye Xinpeng

Freshman representative, Wang Yueer, taking an oath

Freshman representative presented a bouquet to Qianfang

At the ceremony, school leaders awarded the school badge to the student representative. The members of School Student Art Troupe, Nunchuck Association and representatives from Art faculty and News faculty performed The power of Wind with song and dance.

Students were performing The Power of Wind

SHI awarding the school badge to the freshman

The branch venues

Students taking photos with the ceremony board