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【Excellent Foreign Teacher】Xiaolin Qingshi: Teaching by Words and Deeds​

Time:March 20, 2022  Author:Yang Jinglei  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 20th, 2022: To enhance overseas teachers’ sense of honor and responsibility to participate in teaching, scientific research, social service and other work, fully arouse the enthusiasm and creativity to participate in the international construction of GDUFS, and create a working atmosphere of love and dedication, striving for progress and excellence, GDUFS held its annual election of “Outstanding Overseas Teachers” awards. Alison Mullins and other teachers from the International Collage Center for Foreign Language Training were awarded the title of “Outstanding Overseas Teacher in 2020-2021”. They have consistently showed an exotic style on the lectern, and built a cultural bridge through their charismatic work. GDUFS specially planned its report on "Outstanding Overseas Teachers", and interviewed the overseas teachers and teachers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have won that title. It was an opportunity to listen to their experience of learning and living at GDUFS. This shows the persistence and dedication of overseas teachers who devote themselves to educating and spreading culture.

Xiaolin Qingshi, a foreign teacher in Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture, teaches Japanese writing and spoken Japanese. He was awarded the title of “the excellent foreign teacher” in 2020 because of his diligence and great teaching methods. Out of his daily works, Xiaolin Qingshi has instructed many students to take part in contests and they have received great results: third prize in Sasakawa Cup Japan Research Paper Competition, a group of Excellent Award (2 members); first place, second place and fourth place in “Japanese Speech Competition of Guangzhou Undergraduates”; third prize, Gardener Award in “National Japanese Essay Competition for Guangzhou undergraduates”.

Xiaolin Qingshi

Xiaolin Qingshi has always been strict towards himself ever since he started teaching. He has always put forward as much effort as possible, and this has led to outstanding achievements. For instance, he has received the honor of being named an “the excellent foreign teacher” multiple times. As the ancient saying goes: “Teachers exist for providing knowledge, guiding student’s career and answering questions.” From the perspective of Xiaolin Qingshi, a good teacher should act as he was taught. Xiaolin Qingshi has been exploring new teaching methods ever since he became a teacher. He concluded that his teaching method aimed at “teaching patiently and fulfilling duties.”

What does it mean to “teach patiently?”

Xiaolin Qingshi has successfully become a teacher who practices what he teaches in his own life, which is not only for students, but also a high standard for himself. He believes in teaching knowledge by speaking and norms by acting. Xiaolin Qingshi has made himself a good model to students through his behaviors. “China and Japan are both nations of etiquette. The wonderfulness of oriental culture is totally displayed in the daily lives of these two nations, but they also have their differences.” He pointed out that both of the two nations are attach great importance to speaking politely, but it has slight differences. He will act as what he taught in daily teaching, setting an example of how to speak politely. “I hope the knowledge I taught can be used in student’s future works and lives.”

When instructing student on their speech skills, Xiaolin Qingshi, who has cultivated countless award-winning students in competitions, is good at fostering their creative thinking. He uses his knowledge to build a knowledge framework for them, digging out interesting ideas for students to learn from it. What’s more, Xiaolin Qingshi is also a sensitive and careful teacher: he protects the self-confidence of students when pointing out the mistakes of them, and many students learn a lot and they don’t afraid of deliberating their ideas freely. Xiaolin Qingshi is working on teaching patiently, he hopes to become a guide to lead students to learn knowledge and forge characters.

Fulfilling duties: update the textbooks again and again to ensure the students keep learning

Xiaolin Qingshi has put his heart and soul into his teaching and he never clarifies students by their marks. “I will take notes after every class to record feedback from students and situations of class.” For the purpose of helping students study, Xiaolin Qingshi is always updating his teaching. “At the end of the semester, I will consider making some adjustments if I find places need to be improved. This is a conclusion, but moreover, it is a reflection.” Xiaolin Qingshi will carefully read his textbooks, revising phrases or words which are not accordance with habits of spoken Japanese. According to his words, although his work still isn’t perfect, he pursues the goal of being perfect. Xiaolin Qingshi always maintains his determined working attitude. “Although I am Japanese, I still need to improve my knowledge of Japanese to keep giving students a better lesson.” Only by learning and improving consecutively can he help students have a deeper understanding of Japan and have a good command of Japanese.

In his view, it is glorious and happy to be a teacher. When he stands on the teaching stage, the sight of the students wanting to learn cheers him up. Congratulations come from every direction when his students win competitions; these give him a sense of value and fulfilment. With an honest heart, Xiaolin Qingshi keeps pursuing his goals on the path of teaching students and devoting himself to his teaching career, while also drawing happiness from his work.

As a Japanese teacher in GDUFS, Xiaolin Qingshi has adapted himself into the school quickly and actively, promoting more cultural interaction between Japan and China. He likes the study atmosphere in GDUFS and always praises the developments of the school. Xiaolin Qingshi also takes part in school activities in spare time, such as the garden party of Mid-Term Festival, making dumplings in winter solstice, guessing lantern riddles in Lantern Festival and so on to seize chances to learn more about Chinese culture. According to his words, he felt the care from school towards foreign teachers and an appreciation of the cultural differences between China and Japan; each country, he says, has its own beauty.