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Back to Campus: Heading to the Future in the Year of Tiger

Time:March 7, 2022  Author:Wang Haiqing  Editor:Kyle Muntz,Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 5th2022: On February 19th and 20th, Teachers and students of GDUFS went back to school to kick off their upcoming semester and go on an adventure in the rains of spring. Shi Youqi, the President of GDUFS, and other school officals carried out the task of inspections for the new term. With all departments running in good order, the campus brimmed with vitality.

Students back on campus

School leaders inspected the back-to-school process

Shi Youqi and other members of the leadership listened patiently to faculty reports about the school's condition and outlined the priority of  tasks in the new semester. He stressed certain key points including the important of introspection and epidemic prevention.

Shi Youqi's inspection

Heartwarming volunteers were of assistance for the return

Volunteers in red jacket were busy helping those students returning to school with large luggage beside. The rushing figures on the main road of the volunteers was an impressive sight. Though the freezing wind whistled through their faces, hearing words of thanks made them feel that all their efforts were worthy.

As requested, students took their temperature and checked their Yuekang Code

"Voluntary red" warmed the campus

Student had nucleic acid testing after they reached the school

On the starting point of the brand new semester

Students had their own resolutions for the coming semester. Some of them would like to take part in various social events, while others have made up their minds to make progress in their studies. The instructors wished all the students a good reward for their efforts.

The rain couldn't stop the pace of returning to school

Volunteers at the reception

Volunteers rushing on the school main road to help more students

Even a cold rainy day couldn't make students' passion for learning wane

Welcome back to class

A fresh start for the new semester

Plants took in oxygen while the students took in knowledge

Steamed breakfast brought students vitality for the whole day

Widely spaced seating as an epidemic prevention ensures students' safety