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Congratulations from Foreign Teachers on the 55th Anniversary of GDUFS

Time:December 16, 2020  Author:  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, December 11th 2020: On the 55th anniversary of GDUFS, alumni at home and abroad,as well as figures from all walks of life, expressed their sincere congratulations in various ways, including videos and congratulatory letters. They offered their earnest attention and full support for the celebration.

Days ago, foreign teachers including Richard Johnson, Albert Edward Wolfe, Simon Eric Haywood, James Alexander Campion, Vit Zednik, Vivek Mani Tripathi, Maria Magdalena Sastre Torrens, Suwasin Kasempiti, and Nemanja Glintic all gave their best wishes towards the 55th anniversary of GDUFS.

Richard Johnson, a foreign teacher who has dedicated 23 years to the education of the Faculty of English, sent a congratulatory letter in which he expressed his earnest expectation that, hopefully in the near future he would be able to go back to GDUFS, once again roaming alongside the XiangSi River near Baiyun Mountain and enjoying the picturesque scenery.

Congratulatory letter from Mr. Johnson

Albert Edward Wolfe, a teacher from the International College of GDUFS who impressed many with his excellent speech at AUPF2020, recorded a video along with his wife WU Lihua who graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Trade in 2009, to convey their sincere congratulations. They wished GDUFS every success under the guidance of the motto “Pursuit of Integrity, Practice and Cross-cultural Learning”.

Congratulatory video from Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe

“It has been a delight to witness our university’s continued rapid internationalization and growth into a global institution” , wrote foreign teacher James Alexander Campion, who works in the Faculty of English. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude for the precious opportunity to teach at GDUFS.

Congratulatory letter from Mr. Campion

Simon Eric Haywood from the Faculty of English and Education expressed his best wishes on the 55th anniversary of GDUFS, alongside his desire to resumein-person teaching.Vit Zednik, who teaches Czech, even made his congratulations in Chinese “Da Ji Da Li”. Moreover, Suwasin Kasempiti, Nemanja Glintic, Vivek Mani Tripathi, Maria Magdalena Sastre Torrens as well as other foreign teachers all gave their blessings on the prosperity of GDUFS.

Top left: Suwasin Kasempiti; top right: Simon Eric Haywood; bottom left: Nemanja Glintic; bottom right: Vit Zednik

GDUFS has stood though thick and thin in the past 55 glorious years. Ever since the establishment of the university, foreign teachers have made every effort, dedicating themselves to the high-level internalization of GDUFS as well as the cultivation of its students. Faced with tremendous difficulties in meeting requirements of teaching as a result of the outbreak of pandemic, the 86 foreign teachers of GDUFS have taken proactive actions. With effort, a successful end was eventually put to the challenging tasks. 20 of them have been rewarded the honorary titles of “Excellent Foreign Teacher” which indeed added unique luster to the 55th anniversary of GDUFS.


Written by: Zheng Zoe

Photo by: From GDUFS News Website

Edited by: Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu