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California Journalism Students Visit

Time:May 21, 2005  Author:  Editor:  Source:   Photo:


"Guangzhou is the first stop on our tour of major media organizations and journalism schools in Hong Kong and mainland China,"  said Christina, one of the journalism students from the University of Southern California (USC) on May 18th.



"We collected a lot of information on China before we came,"  she added,  "so we aren't surprised at the modernization of China. What impressed me the most was that Chinese students are more hard-working than their American counterparts."


"In America, more and more people pay attention to the fast development of China,"  said Megan, another student from USC.  "I am very interested in China, especially the Chinese media, and that is why I joined this program."


"I worked as a journalist for six years after I got my bachelor's degree in psychology. I like this job so much that I decided to get further training in journalism and after graduation I want to be a documentary journalist."


"I know quite a bit about journalism education in America through communication and the media,"  commented Liu huihong, a student from the School of Journalism and Communication of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.


"They have more practical experience than we do. We have the same courses but different ways of teaching. They spend less time on theory, and much of the time they practice on their own,"  said Liu.


The USC group's next stop is Guangzhou TV station, and then they will leave for Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. They will spend their summer vacation doing an internship in Hong Kong.