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Guests from the University of Western England Visit

Time:May 26, 2005  Author:  Editor:  Source:   Photo:

The chancellor of the University of Western England, the Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, together with her retinue, visited Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) and engaged in talks with the president of GDUFS, Xu zhenhua, and other faculty leaders.



President Xu hoped the communication between UWE and GDUFS would move forward by setting up a cooperative program.


Mrs. Elizabeth Butler-Sloss gave her heartfelt thanks for the warm welcome from GDUFS. She expressed the desirability of a symbiosis between the universities in China and the UK.


Faculty leaders then presented the teaching research and the foreign cooperative programmes of GDUFS. The UWE representatives reacted by saying that they unanimously considered GDUFS as an ideal partner.


After the meeting, the delegation of UWE visited the campus library, in the company of the Director of the International Office, Liang Xuehong.