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Hyogo Delegation (Japan) Visits GDUFS

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    In the afternoon of September 8, 84 delegates from Ocean University, Hyogo, Japan, visited GDUFS. The delegation, comprising teachers and students from many universities in Hyogo, embarked on this tour with the aim to exchange ideas and communicate with foreign counterparts. During the sea journey, they took courses in Asia-Pacific Culture. They had visited Perth in Australia and Singapore before docking at Guangzhou. It was the 12th time for a Hyogo delegation to visit GDUFS.


  Vice-President of GDUFS Gu Yeli welcomed the Japanese guests on behalf of the university. Next, they were shown around the campus and had a friendly talk with GDUFS students. Afterwards, 12 Japanese students lodged in the apartments/houses of GDUFS students in Guangzhou to have a 1-day experience of Guangzhou life. The guests were deeply impressed by the hospitality and kindness of the hosts, and established sincere friendship with the GDUFS students.



Gu Yeli welcoming the Hyogo delegation


  In the evening of September 9, Vice-President Gu Yeli, together with more than 30 representatives from the Department of Japanese Language and the host families, attended a feast held by the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office. Then the delegation left for Japan, along with ten teachers from GDUFS and four other key universities in Guangzhou, with the purpose of visiting and exchanging ideas.



Musical performance



Group photo


    Previously, four students from the Department of Japanese Language, GDUFS, had joined the activity in Singapore on September 5. During the 3-day tour, they shared ideas and learned a lot with their Japanese friends. 


Source: GDUFS News Website