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May 25 - GDUFS President Zhong Weihe met with the CEO of MyCOS Company, Doctor Wang Boqing in the welcome hall of North Campus. Also in attendance were Fan Zhenghua, Vice Director of Academic Programs Division, and Career Center Vice Director Xu Changbing.



President Zhong Weihe talking with Doctor Wang Boqing


President Zhong Weihe welcomed Doctor Wang, as well inquired into the findings of the MyCOS employment research. Taking some universities as examples, Doctor Wang introduced employment status and employment capacity targets among the graduates, such as the employment rate, and employment salaries. Doctor Wang stated that academic education is strongly connected with the employment and requirement of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the quality of university students. Besides, Doctor Wang gave his opinions of university's scientific management and improvement on graduates' employment.



Group photo of all attendances


A brief introduction of Wang Boqing and to MyCOS Company:

Wang Boqing is a Chinese American.  He was born and received a PhD. in economics in America.

MyCOS is a well known company which provides employment research for Chinese universities.   


Source: GDUFS New Website.