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SFSU Vice President Visits GDUFS

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July 2 - Wu Yanbo, Vice President of San Francisco State University, visited the GDUFS north campus on June 23rd where he was greeted by GDUFS President Zhong Weihe. Also in attendance were Jiao Fangtai, Director of the International Office, Xie Wenxin, Director of the Personnel Office, Liang Jie, Vice Director of the International Office, Guo Guihang, Vice Dean of School of English for International Business, and Shao Peide, Vice Dean of School of Finance and Economics.


Mr. Zhong Weihe presenting a souvenir to Wu Yanbo


Mr. Zhong Weihe thanked Wu Yanbo for his warm reception to the GDUFS Delegation visiting SFSU. He then briefed the guest on the status quo at GDUFS concerning its development, hoping that a common ground could be reached for further bilateral cooperation on interpreting and translation studies as well as student exchange. Mr. Wu Yanbo approved of the idea.


Discussion on "Global Strategy of American Higher Education"


In the following meeting attended by Mr. Wu Yanbo and GDUFS administrators, a discussion on "Global Strategy of American Higher Education" was conducted. Mr. Wu Yanbo explained the understanding of global strategy in American colleges, remarking that the idea of internationalization in the United States has been well practiced by the colleges' awareness of conformation to the current trend of globalization. As an experienced educator in the America Higher Education System, Mr. Wu, in detail, introduced the general global strategy implemented from curriculum design, academic environment creating, and international student education. By comparing and contrasting the implementation of global strategy in colleges of the United States and China from the above-mentioned aspects, he pointed out the changes and challenges for both. Mr. Wu Yanbo emphasized that the domestic and international competitiveness of a college, along with the comprehensive quality of its students, define the term "internationalization", and that it is a core necessity for every college to design its own global strategy.


Source: GDUFS News Website.