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President Zhong Attends Going Global2011 in Hong Kong

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March 17-At the invitation of the British Council, GDFUS' President Mr. Zhong Weihe attended "Going Global 2011 International Education Conference" held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on March 11th and 12th. The Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Mr. Jiao Fangtai, Secretary-General of the Guangdong International Institute for Strategic Studies Mr. Li Jing, and Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Mr. Fan Zhenghua also attended the event.


At the site of the Conference


The theme of the conference this year was "World Education: The New Powerhouse?" It attracted more than 900 representatives from 70 nations and districts around the globe.A total of 160 conference speakers shared their understanding on the latest development and problems of world education. The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Mr. Zeng Yingquan as well as the Chief Executive of the British Coucil Mr. Martin Davidson attended the Opening Ceremony on March 11th.


Mr. Zhong (far left) is making a speech.


On March 12th, President Zhong gave a speech on the special topic, "Responding to the Rising Demands of Globally Mobile Students". He explained the Chinese Government's policy on encouraging students to move globally by using examples of real cases of international cooperation and exchange that have taken place at GDUFS. Moreover, he gave his prediction on the possible trends and characteristics of globally mobile students and analyzed the main elements which influenced their moving. Factors include students' motives to study abroad, the local policy, and exchange rate changes. Mr. Zhong's speech was highly praised by the meeting attendees, many of whom asked for further discussion.


During the conference, President Zhong also met with the leaders and representatives from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Coventry University and the University of Bedfordshire to discuss further partnerships in the future.


Mr. Zhong took photo with Angela Murphy, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UCLAN.



                                                   Source: GDUFS News Website