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100-member Indian Youth Delegation Visited GDUFS

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Oct.15th- A 100-member Indian youth delegation, consisting of youth representatives and national political parties, visited GDUFS as a part of the "Year of China-India Exchange" in 2011. The guests were welcomed by Xu Guobin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, Zhang Xiulan, Secretary of the CYL Committee and Wu Junfeng, Deputy Director General of the International Exchange Division along with 30 student delegates of our university who also took part in the exchange.



The group photo


The delegation was invited to a tea party where we spoke about the education in India. They said most Indian youths who have a great interests in Chinese education adapt quickly to our method of teaching in English. In order to promote the exchange between Chinese and Indian youths, we proposed that the tuition and boarding fees for exchange students should be exempt, and the credits be swapped. Xu also pointed out that our university focuses not only on providing high quality education, but also to strengthening students' personal qualities and abilities so as to enable them to become well rounded individuals.



The tea party


After the tea party, they toured the campus with our student delegates, and then took part in a symposium. During the symposium, the representative of the Indian youth delegates introduced their conditions and expressed their willingness for further exchange. Our student delegates, in return, also delivered speeches on our student organizations, association activities and campus culture. Then both parties shared ideas about what roles Chinese and Indian youths should play in the cooperation of economic and trade contacts as well as cultural exchange between our two countries in the new era.



The symposium


Source: GDUFS News Website