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China-Chile Research Center Founded in GDUFS

Time:May 27, 2012    

May 25th --On April 24th, China -Chile Research Center was founded in GDUFS. University of St. Thomas and GDUFS joined to found thiscenterand it would be a landmark of the establishment of Sino-Latin American organization.

On the founding ceremony, director of the International Project Department of UST said:"It will be a milestone in the progress of Sino-Latin American trade relation to establish this research center." Director of the Research Center of UST added that the future task would emphasize on coordinating the relations among academic sector, trade and economy. The purpose was to provide a substantial guide for the trade relation with the small and medium-sized enterprises and China.


The founding ceremony

GDUFS-UST had set agencies in both sides, aiming at creating more trade opportunities and shortening the distance between Sino-Chile small and medium-sized enterprises. Since Guangdong Province occupied the largest proportion of GDP and Guanghzou is one of the most significant cities in international trade, the research center was settled down here.