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Yemeni International Students at GDUFS Snapped Up 20,000 Masks to Help Wuhan and Guangzhou

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On February 21st, 20,000 masks spontaneously purchased from abroad by Sager, a Yemeni student, and his friends arrived in Guangzhou, of which 15,000 were immediately sent to Wuhan and donated to medical institutions by local Yemeni friends. On February 22nd, Sager and his friends distributed nearly 3,300 masks to the public at Guangzhou Railway Station. The story of their battle against the epidemic has been reported by Xinhua News Agency, Global Network, Phoenix Network and other media.


“Become attached to China for affinity, stay with Guangzhou for faith.”


Sager has been interested in Chinese culture since he was a child. He has loved China since he was exposed to Chinese culture and history at the age of 13. As soon as he graduated from high school, he chose to enroll in a Chinese university and came to GDUFS after a year and a half. Now he is a student of undergraduate majors in Chinese language (business Chinese) at GDUFS. When the outbreak first broke out, Sager was on a social platform in solidarity with China and Wuhan and decided not to leave Guangzhou. “My family is worried about me, but I don't want to go back. China is like my country now,”


he said. After studying Chinese culture for so many years, he has long held strong regards for this beautiful civilization with infinite charm. He regarded China as his second hometown after living here for a year and a half. Owing to his belief in China, he and his friends have chosen to stay in Guangzhou and fight against the epidemic together.


Recording a video to cheer people up after outbreak. The left one is Sager.


“Be supported because of honesty, make it because of sincerity.”


Hearing that medical supplies in Wuhan are in shortage, Sager and his friends have been planning to buy masks and donate them to the people in Wuhan since early February. Seeing them become so anxious for the outbreak, other friends have also lent a helping hand. “My friends are very supportive. They have made a lot of efforts to buy masks. Some help us find masks, and others give us financial support.”However, they failed to get masks several times because of a dire shortage of medical supplies home and abroad during this difficult period. “We asked a lot of countries,” Sagar said, “but many of them don't allow the export of medical supplies at this time.” More than a week later, Sager finally got the good news from his Lebanese friends. “The supply of masks is tight and the price has doubled. But it only takes five days to ship to China.” Concerning that it was not easy to find 20,000 masks, he and his friends didn't hesitate to buy them all. They spent a total of about 50,000 yuan.


“We take glory in the responsibly of the fight. Out of love, we do not shrink from hardship.”


On February 22nd, Sager and three other friends gave out masks to the public at the Guangzhou railway station. They distributed nearly 3,300 masks in about an hour. “The people who received the masks were touched and thankful because they did not expect foreigners to hand out masks themselves,” Sager said. As for the reason, he said: “There are a lot of sanitation workers and migrant workers at Guangzhou Railway Station. Many of them are in poor economic conditions, so we want to send them masks. It's our pleasure to help them.” Sager also plans to go to Guangzhou South Station or Tianhe to give away the remaining masks, about 1,700, on 26th. Sager said he was happy with the experience because he helped people who were in need. “I feel it's my responsibility and honor to do what I can. I will always love China.”


Part of Sager's chat history with teachers


In Sager's view, the Chinese government's response to the outbreak is professional because the authority has taken comprehensive measures. And the spirit of facing the disease also left a deep impression on him. “China is a great country. Facing the epidemic, Chinese people have forged close bonds unity. I am convinced that China will triumph over the difficulties.” Sager also mentioned that Yemeni expatriates in China spontaneously purchased 300,000 masks abroad. And the medical supplies were sent to Wuhan on February 15th and donated to local medical institutions. “The Yemeni people will stand with Chinese and fight against the epidemic together. May the friendship between Yemen and China last forever!”


300,000 masks purchased by Yemeni expatriates in China spontaneously sent to Wuhan