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Yunshan Nutrition Bakery Brings Great Convenience for Students

Time:December 1, 2022  Author:Wu Qiqi  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:original content   Photo:

Yunshan Nutrition Bakery is located on the first floor of the Sports Building in North Campus and next to the Student Services Center. The bakery is committed to providing nutritious, delicious and economical products for the students, including European bread, beverages, box cakes, with new items being introduced constantly. Also, as one of the entities under GDUFS’s Yunshan Student Work-study program, it offers a large number of positions to the students. That is, most of the staff are employed students.

Yunshan Nutrition Bakery

As the only bakery on North Campus, Yunshan Nutrition Bakery certainly caters to the daily needs of students for bread and cake. “A bite of bread will wash away all my unhappiness,” says one student. And, according to another: “It’s pretty handy for me to drop by on my way to the classroom and buy it.”

According to Liang Haofei, one of the employed students, while the bakery opens at 7 am and closes at 10 pm, their daily work usually starts 10 minutes earlier. At around 6:50 a.m., the staff on the morning shift get to the bakery and put up the sign first. After that, they will examine the amount of freshly baked bread and put it on the shelves. “Customers come singly and in pairs and dozens in the process of putting because they are in a hurry to their early classes,” he said. “It’s the busiest time for us in the day.”


Online orders

During their spare hours, the delivery staff will start delivering the takeaways booked online to the dormitories. In particular, as a bid to cope with the pandemic, the online shop promoted by the bakery now provides take-away services which have been extremely popular. On the one hand this is a sensible approach for the bakery to expand sales while partially alleviating the impact of the pandemic on business. On the other hand, it facilitates students' needs to buy loaves during online classes.

“It brings me great convenience, for I only need to go downstairs to get my bread,” Xiao Jun, a devoted customer, said in a sincere voice.



Abundant food

Normally, the baked goods will be discounted 20% after 8 pm. This is another rush hour. “But every time I see people coming in flock to the store just to ask for a box of baked cake, I feel like I'm doing a wonderful job,” said Liang, smiling blissfully. Obviously, it is of great benefit to the employed students as well. In addition to the opportunities to earn their own living, the job provides a platform for them to broaden their range of experience and horizons.

Li Yunting, Manager of Yunshan Nutrition Bakery, feels the work has offered her more than just a job, and might even offer a path to future work. “It’s given me the access to learn more about how the food industry and the service sector operate,” she said, “and I’m very grateful for that.”