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Associate Professor/Professor with special responsibility for Law

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – Law School


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is one of the prestigious universities in Canton, China which specializes in international studies and educates professionals for international business and management.

The School of Legal Studies of GDUFS specializes in cultivating multidisciplinary legal talents accomplished in foreign affairs. It was originally known as the Department of International Legal Studies founded in 1996,and then changed its name to the School of Legal Studies in 2001.

Currently, the School offers education programs ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. For undergraduate program, there are three majors, namely, the study of law (International Economic Law, Civil Law & Commercial Law, Law of Intellectual Property), international politics, and diplomacy; for post-graduate program, there are two Category I disciplines master programs, namely, the Study of Law and Politics. and one site of master degree for JM; for doctoral program, there are three majors: European Law, Euro-politics & Diplomacy and Russian Language & Literature.

The School consists of six departments (law, IPR, Civil Law & Commercial Law, international law, diplomacy, and international politics) one education center for Master of Law, five research centers at provincial level (Center for Guangdong Public Law Research, Evaluation and Consultancy Service approved by Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Guangdong, Research Service Center of Foreign Law within the Framework of “Going Global” approved by Guangdong Law Society, Low-Carbon Economy and Environmental Energy Law Research Center, China-Africa Legal Research Center and China-Africa Legal Training Base); four University research centers (Research Center for Law and Property of GDUFS, Institute of International Studies, Center of Regional Integration of Law-based Governance and Center of National Petitions in the Forms of Letters & Visits and State Administration) and six school-level research centers (Institute of Education Legal System, Institute of WTO Regulations, Institute for NGOs, Center of EU Law & Diplomacy, Center of Law & Trade Affairs and Center of International Security & Strategy).

The ideal candidate will be a fluent English speaker with a PhD or equivalent in English or languages and experience of dictionary editing, text editing, or alternatively English teaching with an emphasis on International Law


  1. Teach an international law related course in English
  2. Advise Law School students to take part in international legal contest
  3. Hold academic seminars regularly to communicate with Law School faculties

Remuneration Package:

Standard of Salary
Lecturer RMB8000 - RMB9200 /month;
Assistant Professor: RMB9000 - RMB11000 /month
Professor RMB 13,000-RMB 23,000 /month;

(Long-term foreign teachers should pay individual income tax.)

Free Accommodation
We provide free accommodation on campus for the long-term foreign teachers
(Fees of electricity, gas and toll call should be paid by individuals.)

Insurance & Medical Care
Long-term foreign teachers will entitle to public medical care the same as the other faculty members of the school. (Detail will be shown in contract)

Flight Subsidy (paid monthly, inclusive of salary)
America and Canada:
America RMB 1,100 /month;
Canada RMB 1,200 /month
Western Europe: RMB 1,200 /month

How to Apply:
Professors and associate professors, with relevant graduate degree or above, and those with abundant experience of teaching or practices in enterprises have priority. All applicants must submit the following:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Copy of highest degree certificate
  3. Teacher service record, if applicable
  4. At least two reference letters

For those who are interested in working for a dynamic and prestigious university in Guangzhou, China, please contact: