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Lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor of Economics and Trade

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – School of Economics and Trade


Based on the Economics Department of Guangdong Foreign Trade School built in 1956, the School of International Economics and Trade was officially founded in 1997 after decades of development. In 2014, the name of the school was changed into School of Economics and Trade. The school is one of the leading and initial international trade schools in China, contributing significantly to the discipline’s development in China and cultivating lots of talents for the country’s economic development.

The School of Economics and Trade currently has 93 full-time teachers, including 43 professors, 29 associate professors, and 21 lecturers. The school currently offers a comprehensive range of research programs (MSc, PhD), with over 2,300 full-time undergraduate and over 260 graduate students. There are 5 departments, which are the Department of International Trade, Department of Economics, Department of Finance, Department of Taxation and Department of Statistics, with 5 undergraduate programs and 10 master programs. The school has a strong track record of collaborating with industrial partners through both research and teaching activities as well. Some departments also collaborate on a number of national or internationally-significant joint research programs.

Responsibilities and Requirements:
The ideal candidate will be a PhD majored in economics and has experience of teaching and research in economics. The candidate should work in GDUFS as a full-time job.

  • Teaching micro-economics and macro-economics for undergraduate student and teaching advanced economics for graduate in English or Chinese, or teaching other courses, such as Game Theory and Mathematical Economics.
  • Conducting research in areas of economics, especially in environmental economics, labour economics and economic history.
  • Apply for research project funded by Chinese government, like as National Natural Science Fund (China)
  • Publish the outcomes of research in journals of international standing

Person Specification

  • A PhD degree in a relevant subject area
  • Applicants are willing to work for our university for at least 3 years
  • Experience of managing or working in a team within a university environment
  • Participated and delivered important contributions to scientific research (national and international)
  • Ability to provide leadership in the latest advances in academic research (national and international)

Remuneration Package:

Standard of Salary
Lecturer RMB8000 - RMB9200 /month;
Assistant Professor: RMB9000 - RMB11000 /month
Professor RMB 13,000-RMB 23,000 /month;

(Long-term foreign teachers should pay individual income tax.)

Free Accommodation 
We provide free accommodation on campus for the long-term foreign teachers.
(Fees of electricity, gas and toll call should be paid by individuals.)

Insurance & Medical Care
Long-term foreign teachers will entitle to public medical care the same as the other faculty members of the school. (Detail will be shown in contract)

Flight Subsidy (paid monthly, inclusive of salary)
America and Canada:
America RMB 1,100 /month;
Canada RMB 1,200 /month
Western Europe: RMB 1,200 /month

How to Apply:
Professors and associate professors, with relevant graduate degree or above, and those with abundant experience of teaching or practices in enterprises have priority. All applicants must submit the following:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Copy of highest degree certificate
  3. Teacher service record, if applicable
  4. At least two reference letters

For those who are interested in working for a dynamic and prestigious university in Guangzhou, China, please contact: or (8620)13826208377 Chen Zhe or email: