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LI DaXi:Combination of Art and Science Improves Innovation Capabilities

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On 3rd November, one of the most important academic lectures during the 50th anniversary of GDUFS was given in the lecture hall of No. 6 teaching building on the north campus. LI DaXi, President of the Chinese Association for Science and Business and Principle of Columbia International University, gave a wonderful presentation on the topic of “Science• Art• Makers”. The lecture was hosted by Vice President CHEN HanLin.


“Science, Art and Innovation capabilities”


“Why should we talk about science, art and innovation capabilities?” From the beginning, Professor LI explained the significance of the topic of this lecture: “The competition in the 21st century, to some extent, is the competition of innovation capability. If we want to realize the Chinese Dream and become stronger, we ought to cultivate and enhance their innovation capability immensely. Combination of science and art is a vital approach to improve that.”


“Great scientists are artists at the same time.” When it comes to the relationship between science and art, LI quoted Albert Einstein as saying that great scientists are artists who express their opinions. “When researching superstring theory, I found that art and cutting-edge science are bonded with each other inextricably.” During the first 11 years Li spent in America, he devoted himself to the research of superstring theory. And superstring theory believes that string is the most fundamental unit of materials. All the basic particles like electrons, photons and quarks are different vibrational states of string, which resemble a string of a violin and can play various tunes. The whole world, therefore, is like a magnificent universal symphony.


LI DaXi: Combination of science and art is a vital approach to improve innovation capability


Try our utmost to improve Chinese innovation capabilities


Focusing on China‘s strategy of solving the problems attributed to double challenges from developing countries and developed countries in terms of economics as well as technology, the Chinese Association for Science and Business (CASB), where LI worked, came up with the idea that innovation, cooperation and hard work are necessary to build a win-win model between China and the United States. LI is sparing no effort to turn Columbia International University into a unique and world-class university which will be dominated by CASB, and will attach importance to cultivating entrepreneurial and innovative leaders.


Maker: significant power of improving national innovation ability, make innovation become belief


The concept of Maker comes from the United States. Maker means individuals who try their best to change various originalities into realities, and are keen on originality, design, making and sharing personal design and manufacturing. “Maker and startup are relevant while some makers can be entrepreneurs. However, others just regard making as their hobby. I encourage them to be maker, but they don’t have to pay attention to carve out. The sharp rise of maker will promote the process of combining art with science, which will also enable us to make full use of the combination.” LI said.


“Common foundation of art and science is creativity of the human race.” LI believed that the combination of art and science is able to offer inspiration to science, while art can be more dynamic because of scientific connotations. Education is the key to revitalizing science as well as art. What’s more, it is the important factor of improving Chinese innovation abilities.


Audience asking questions


After the lecture, LI interacted with the audience on the scene, answering their questions patiently. CHEN Linhan presented a souvenir to LI on behalf of GDUFS.


CHEN LinHan presented a souvenir to Professor LI


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