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Yunshan Cross-Subjects Translation Lecture Started

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Yunshan Cross-Subjects Translation Lecture series, jointly held by the Guangdong Foreign Language Research and the Language Service Cooperation Creativity Centre and the GDUFS School of English Interpreting and Translation Studies, gave its first lecture on June 25th. Dr.Sergey Tyulenev, an translation expert from Durham University in the U.K ,was invited to our university, giving a lecture to the faculty and students here, entitled Studying Translation as an Interface between Language, Culture and Society. The lecture was hosted by Dr. XING Jie, Vice Dean of School of English Interpreting and Translation Studies.


Sergey Tyintroducing the development of translationulenev

Sergey Tyulenev mainly introduced the development of interpreting and translation since 1990s as well as their significant breakthroughs, including the orientation of linguistics, culture research and sociology. He believes that interlingual translation is a complicated behavior in the light of linguistics, which also reflects cultural and social conditions in the translation process. As a result, research of the translation process and translation works should transcend just linguistics; instead, cultural and social factors should be taken into account in translation. Translation research should focus on the combined effect of language, culture, and society, which can also include such new angles as critical discourse analysis and sociological analysis.


Sergey Tyulenev answering questions from the audience

In the Q&A sector, Professor Tyulenev had a deep discussion with faculty and students of our university in terms of interpreting and translation. The audience said that Dr. Tyulenev’s inspiring research direction and methods have expanded their academic horizons.

Appendix: Background of Dr.Sergey Tyulenev.

Dr.Sergey Tyulenev is now Post-Graduate Director of Interpreting and Translation at Durham University and University of Aberdeen,with a double doctoral degree in Linguistics and Translation Research from Moscow State University and the University of Ottawa. In addition, he is an eminent expert and scholar of translation research from a sociological perspective. What’s more, he once taught at Cambridge University, McGill University and Lomonosov Moscow State University. Here are the titles of his main works: Theory of Translation (Moscow: Gardariki, 2004); Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies (New York and London: Routledge, 2011); Translation and the Westernization of Eighteenth-Century Russia (Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2012); Translation and Society: An Introduction (London and New York: Routledge, 2014)