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Keywords of Freshers: “Love Guy” “Twin sisters” “GDUFS Family”

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On September 13th, the freshers of 2015 registered at GDUFS’ campus and started their university journeys. The Fresher Reception and the Volunteer Stand had already been set up. Volunteers in colorful uniforms and freshers and their parents came and went in an endless flow, painting a fantastic landscape at GDUFS.

The “Love Guy” met with President ZHONG

Well-known for saying “If only love is as easy as English!” after the college entrance examination on a TV news programme, HUO is now a fresher at GDUFS. He met with President ZHONG Weihe at the Second Teaching Building. HUO said GDUFS is an excellent university and would cherish the opportunity of studying at GDUFS. When talking about the credit system that GDUFS is carrying out this year, he hoped it could help him accelerate his studying process and save more time for his next studying plan.


President ZHONG greeting the “Love guy”

Twin sisters entered the same class

The College of Art recruited two lovely twin freshers this year---LIANG Bixia and LIANG Miaoxian. Born in Guangzhou, they have been studying in the same class since their childhood and have a close relationship. They have been fond of music and have been taking regular classes since Junior Three, until they entered the Vocal Music major of the Faculty of Musical Performance. The younger girl told us that GDUFS is a big stage where they can learn a lot of knowledge besides music. And the other girl said she had set herself a goal and would strive for it.


The twin sisters

Two generations of GDUFSers

This year we are going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of GDUFS and today we met two typical GDUFS families.

Graduating in 1987 with a major in English, Mr. CHAO Guoqi came to register at GDUFS again with her daughter CHAO Zhen. CHAO Zhen is a fresher in the School of Economics and Trade, as well as a new member of this “GDUFS family”. Their connection with GDUFS goes deeper than this: CHAO Guoqi’s brother CHAO Guohui also graduated from GDUFS and continued his career at GDUFS; CHAO Guohui’s son, CHAO Yi, graduated with a major in German last year. CHAO Guoqi recalled a lot of memories at GDUFS, and what impressed him most was the pleasure of studying along the Xiangsi River. He was touched by the warmth and enthusiasm of GDUFS students that received them at the campus, which made him feel at home.

Cisco School of Informatics also recruited a special student named CHEN Liheng, majoring in Computing. CHEN’s parents both graduated in 1989 with a major in English, and they were classmates. After 26 years, their son came to GDUFS. They were impressed by the changes of their mother school and sent their best wishes to GDUFS.