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Painter HUANG Tianchuang Delivered a Speech at GDUFS

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On the morning of September 30th, HUANG Tianchuang, a famous Chinese-American painter was invited to deliver a speech entitled Art That I Understand to the 2015 freshmen students of the College of Art. Mr. HUANG shared his own experience of oil painting and his feelings. Secretary of the College Party Propaganda Department, HU Wentao; Deputy of the College of Art LI, Yukun, and Secretary of the College of Art, ZHU Zhenting attended the speech.

Recall the Memories and Talk about the Dream of Art

At the beginning of the speech, HUANG Tianchuang said he was jealous of the studying conditions that students have nowadays. He recalled his youth and felt regretful. He has been fond of painting since his childhood. Mr. HUANG’s teacher recommended his painting to Guangzhou Art College when he graduated from middle College. He was desperate for the admission notice from Guangzhou Art College at that time. However, the Cultural Revolution arrived without expectation, leaving the “Message Waiting Notification” reply to HUANG Tianchuang. He never received the admission notice and lost the opportunity of accepting a professional education for art.

Living in poverty, he still decided to continue painting in Hong Kong. In the early 1980s, he went to the United States, where his painting was appreciated by a gallery owner and he began his painting career. When HUANG Tianchuang was young, he had three dreams: be an engineer, a writer or a painter. Finally he chose the last one and has pursued it until now. He wished to show the world more of the city landscapes of China.


HUANG Tianchuang sharing his experience

Talk about Art Creation throughout the Ancient and Modern Times

HUANG Tianchuang talked about art throughout the ancient and modern times, and from abstract to realistic painting. He showed the students the mural painting in ancient times, the portrait of MAO Zedong in the Cultural Revolution and the masterpiece of Dali and Picasso, analyzing the difference between abstract painting and realistic painting. He indicated the tendency that abstract painting would be the mainstream instead of realistic painting. Until now, he still had difficulty in choosing realistic or abstract. The Macao Night Market that he created is a modern work, in which he added the “ZHANG Daqian Blue”.

Mr.HUANG said “Oil painting should focus on composition and color, but color is the essence. A painting could be a piece of good work with good color even though there’s no compostition and techniques”. He pointed out that oil painting is becoming more and more popular among people, and he thought the expression of oil painting is more solid and beautiful.

At the end of the speech, Deputy of the College of Art, LI Yukun, expressed his feelings towards art. “Firstly, painting shows the background of that time, no matter whether it’s ancient mural paintings or modern abstract paintings. Secondly, creativity is the core of art. Thirdly, art is the embodiment of one’s spirit.

Students listened very carefully and applauded from time to time. XIAO from the College of Art said that though he wasn’t an art student, he had a deeper understanding of painting and art from the lecture.