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Guangdong Campus Job Fair for Graduates in 2016 Held at GDUFS

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Guangdong Campus Job Fair for Graduates in 2016 (specialty of foreign languages, foreign trade and management concerning foreign affairs) was held in the playground of the north campus, GDUFS on December 6th. This job fair was hosted by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province and organized by GDUFS. According to the statistics, about 4,000 vacancies were provided by a total of 190 employers, including almost 30 education and training institutions.


A Gradual Rational Job Market Emerging

At this job fair, employers indicated exact criteria for recruitment. Some enterprises give priority to the students who have higher academic degrees. One of the employers told us, though good quality is more significant than a high academic degree, the students with graduate degree are indeed more competent than the undergraduates.Others attach great importance to the candidates’ character. They believe thatthe students equipped with some virtues of persistence, diligence, and live-and-learn spirit will contribute more in the future.


In the meantime, students make choices more rationally. This year, foreign trade, foreign languages, economics and management are still the hottest industries. Compared with small and medium-sized enterprises, state-owned and foreign enterprises are still students’ first choices. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises also begin to attract an increasing number of students. Additionally, more aspects are considered when students make choices, such as self-career planning, personal specialties, and the development prospects of the company.


Because of the cold weather, hot ginger decoction was prepared for the students who had to wait for several hours in the shivery breeze, to warm their body and heart.


The students were striving for their future in the cold air. We wish sincerely that they can have a bright future.


During The Job Interview


Supply Posts of Ginger Decoction


Vice President LIU Haichun Cheering On The Students 


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