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50th Anniversary

Alumni light GDUFS

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On November 3rd, the ceremony of completing the campus beautification was held at the north campus. LI Jun, the president of the alumni association in Foshan; QIAO Xin, the president of the alumni association in Los Angeles; ZHONG Weihe, the president of GDUFS; HE Chuantian, the vice president of GDUFS, as well as teachers and alumni, attended the ceremony.


ZHONG showed his great gratitude to LI and all members of the alumni association in Foshan. The campus beautification program aimed to decorate GDUFS with a new set of street lights, which romanticize the university and ensure students’ safety at night. ZHONG also stated that the alumni are determined to continue this program and perfect our university.


LI thanked GDUFS for giving him a chance to contribute to the university through this beautification program. Looking back on his university life, LI said that it was GDUFS that laid the foundation of his career, so he wanted to repay his old school by bringing lights to his young schoolmates.


The photo of university’s night scene


It is reported that LI asked architects to design special lamps according to campus’ different scenes. Students are fond of these delicate lamps, and some of them even photographed the new decorations. In the ceremony, ZHONG, HE, LI and QIAO lit the lamps together. And all of the attendants took a group photo after the ceremony.


The photo of lighting ceremony


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