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50th Anniversary

[My Story With GDUFS] Hideya Kuwabara's story

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Twelve years have passed since I first came to GDUFS. At first, I came here just for learning Chinese. Once in a while, I learned that our school was recruiting new teachers and I was fortunately selected as one of the Japanese teachers. Since then, I have encountered a great many students, and teachers from different countries speaking different languages. My work or even my life have, unconsciously, been integrated with GDUFS.


Wandering around the campus is my favorite pastime. The trees provide a welcome shade; a river known as The Xiangsi River meanders under the small bridges; sometimes, even a light breeze can make me feel comfortable. Every spring, our campus becomes a sea of flowers, which is like a picture. Besides, the fascinating sacura garden near the South Gate opens another vista to the beauty of the campus. At the beginning of early spring, the lovely buds burst into bloom one after another, and those pinkish flowers are so attractive that many pedestrians stop to appreciate their beauty.


At GDUFS, apart from the beautiful scenery, I’m also deeply impressed by its intercultural communication activities and positive teaching atmosphere. On the one hand, I feel that GDUFS is more like a melting pot, not only a university for foreign studies’ learning, but also a bridge between the students and the international culture. Numerous cultural experience activities will be held every semester, every year in every major, which can give students a real feel of the local culture. In the meantime, students’ full participation can make them study further and comprehensively, and have more fun. In addition, the relaxed and positive teaching atmosphere makes teachers teach better and students learn more joyfully. In a word, GDUFS can be compared to a huge family: warm and tolerant. No matter who you are, whether the students who have finished college or those who are still striving, I believe the experience of studying at GDUFS will be something you will never forget. For the students, Jiufang Garden is the best expression of their gratitude and yearning for the college.


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of GDUFS, I am deeply honored to have been awarded Outstanding Foreign Teacher at this glorious moment. Driven by the awards, I will work harder and try my best to live up to the expectations from both my colleagues and students in the future. At last, I’d like to express my heartfelt wishes to GDUFS, to go one story higher in the future.