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/__local/5/D0/BB/E9A873CA7FB9CA3FF51A18D0BAA_EB59D574_6FCBD.jpg /__local/B/01/58/9D4663CD3AC2B4C7E512E78E8E4_1676B8A6_BA2E5.jpg /__local/F/E8/06/4A4E6963923579B2361AB12A541_819C7EBC_947F2.jpg /__local/E/E5/F2/3047F345BAFB5144B054994B8BB_60917870_6F0C2.jpg /__local/9/72/FE/69C735AB86FBB118CA747712C0E_C37F3326_8A661.jpg /__local/8/A0/8E/38196914CF8E88681351A526680_9D59879A_787C2.jpg /__local/D/F6/88/FA5A131FF025B568A3983707BA9_4A5EFBDE_845F3.jpg /__local/D/B2/48/0181399E7673D7547909040FD64_9D144E07_7AD16.jpg /__local/C/C6/B9/4F42B1D133F94684BF1A4B29CAC_163677DD_8A34B.jpg /__local/7/DD/9B/92F8E225BD7477D6C4AA1F5E072_3D4E53C5_89E0A.jpg /__local/6/82/74/BE035DC6E318BCFDB380D31FA8E_A3B47A06_9EAED.jpg /__local/A/F3/8E/8A8A514875A6C96AA82E6DAD86D_C14CEC6A_86552.jpg /__local/5/D0/BB/E9A873CA7FB9CA3FF51A18D0BAA_EB59D574_6FCBD.jpg /__local/B/01/58/9D4663CD3AC2B4C7E512E78E8E4_1676B8A6_BA2E5.jpg /__local/F/E8/06/4A4E6963923579B2361AB12A541_819C7EBC_947F2.jpg /__local/E/E5/F2/3047F345BAFB5144B054994B8BB_60917870_6F0C2.jpg /__local/9/72/FE/69C735AB86FBB118CA747712C0E_C37F3326_8A661.jpg /__local/8/A0/8E/38196914CF8E88681351A526680_9D59879A_787C2.jpg /__local/D/F6/88/FA5A131FF025B568A3983707BA9_4A5EFBDE_845F3.jpg /__local/D/B2/48/0181399E7673D7547909040FD64_9D144E07_7AD16.jpg /__local/C/C6/B9/4F42B1D133F94684BF1A4B29CAC_163677DD_8A34B.jpg /__local/7/DD/9B/92F8E225BD7477D6C4AA1F5E072_3D4E53C5_89E0A.jpg /__local/6/82/74/BE035DC6E318BCFDB380D31FA8E_A3B47A06_9EAED.jpg /__local/A/F3/8E/8A8A514875A6C96AA82E6DAD86D_C14CEC6A_86552.jpg We used to think that graduation is something far away from the present, while, in a eyeblink, we are about to put on the academic dress and leave our mark on every corner of the university with photographs. The graduation photo is so meaningful that the scorching sun cannot stop the enthusiasm shown off by friends and relatives. With so many people watching us, my hair cannot be messy. Come on, everyone is so handsome and beautiful, let’s take more selfies. With selfie stick in hand, we manage to get plenty of quality group photos. Mum has always laughed at me about not being handsome, but on this particular day after grooming me she keeps on praising for being a handsome man. Well, it is amusing. Grandpa’s lovely granddaughter is finally graduating. Let’s take a photo to celebrate this moment holding the colorful bouquet presented by grandpa. Looking forward to the day when my little princess becomes a wonderful queen. Oh and we will never forget the playground where we ran endlessly just to feel the power and energy of youth. No matter how hot the ground is, I am still determined to lie on it just wanting to take the greatest pictures of you. Youth gives you the courage to face difficulties and setbacks! They look awesome. When can I dress up in the handsome academic dress and experience the exciting part of throwing trencher cap? Well, after calculating, it seems that there are still many years to come before me graduating from college.
Graduation season aglow with brilliant youth
Time:May 31, 2017
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