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Vice President of Shenandoah University in the United States and her Delegation Visit Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Time:October 30, 2023  Author:SITS Translation Practice and Training Base  Editor:Yang Xin  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:

On the morning of October 23, Samira Pardanani, Vice President of Shenandoah University in the United States, and her delegation visited GDUFS. Jiao Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS, met with the guests in the VIP hall of the administration building of Baiyunshan Campus. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening exchanges and promoting school cooperation.

Jiao Fangtai gave a detailed introduction to the history, operation characteristics and internationalization talent training of GDUFS. He said that GDUFS is located in Guangzhou, an important city opening up to the outside world, and has good prospects for international development. Since its establishment, GDUFS has adhered to the characteristics of international education and open education, introduced high-quality education resources, and continuously improved the depth and breadth of internationalization education. It has established cooperation and exchanges with 492 universities and academic and cultural institutions in 60 countries and regions. It is an important base for internationalization talent training, foreign languages and literature, global economics governance, foreign-related legal research, and the internationalization dissemination of Chinese culture in South China. He stressed that GDUFS and Shenandoah University share similar internationalization education philosophies, and hoped that both universities would take this exchange as an opportunity to strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust, build an innovative new path for talent training, and promote cooperation to a new level.

Samira Pardanani, Vice President of Shenandoah University meets Jiao Fangtai

Samira Pardanani introduced Shenandoah University’s superior geographical location, advanced educational philosophy and high-quality pathways. She said that GDUFS has a sound internationalization talent training system and innovative ideas for running international schools and she was deeply impressed by GDUFS’s achievements in internationalization talent training. She hopes to deepen mutual understanding through this meeting and work together to promote cooperation in teacher-student exchanges and joint training.

Related directors from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and International College attended this meeting.

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