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GDUFS Held the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Cooperation with the University of Queensland

Time:April 6, 2023  Author:Cheng Wenxuan  Editor:Kyle Muntz,Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:

Baiyun Mountain Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 29, 2023: On March 29, the 20th anniversary celebration of cooperation between GDUFS and the University of Queensland was held in the International Conference Hall of the Baiyun Mountain Campus. Shi Youqi, party secretary and president of our University, Deborah Terry AO, president of the University of Queensland, Australia, Consul General of the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou Deng Anyi and researcher Zhou Liuyu of the Exchange and Cooperation Office of the Education Department of Guangdong Province attended the ceremony to celebrate cooperation for 20 years. They reviewed the past achievements and looked forward to future cooperation. The celebration was hosted by vice president Jiao Fangtai.

Unveiling ceremony

Shi Youqi recalled that the two universities have maintained close relationships in the past 20 years in terms of teacher-student exchanges and academic research cooperation. The two universities have established a talent training model with distinctive international characteristics, and created training programs covering undergraduate and postgraduate, which have become the model of Chinese training programs. He pointed out that the development of modern higher education is a continuous process of opening up and internationalization. Looking into the future, he hopes that the two universities can build further consensus, deepen cooperation and create a new pattern of all-round educational exchanges under the guidance of a new strategic cooperative partnership featuring extensive consultation. He hopes that the two universities can make joint contributions and write a new chapter in the education internationalization to make greater contributions to educational and cultural exchanges between China and Australia.


Shi Youqin made a speech

Deborah Terry AO said GDUFS had a strong academic reputation and had sent a large number of outstanding students, whose arrival enriched the campus environment, to the University of Queensland for 20 years. In addition, the visiting scholar program between the two universities has achieved fruitful results, further deepening the partnership between the two universities. She looks forward to more cooperation projects between the two universities in the future, and more teachers and students from GDUFS will visit the University of Queensland for exchange, which will further promote the academic and cultural exchanges between Australia and China.


Deborah Terry AO made a speech

At the ceremony, Shi Youqi and Deborah Terry AO unveiled the logo marking the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between the two schools. On behalf of the two universities, Jiao Fangtai and vice president of the University of Queensland Li Rongyu respectively signed the "Agreement on Further Strengthening the Comprehensive Cooperation between the two universities". The two universities seek a deep strategic partnership in the cooperation of five comprehensive interdisciplinary subject groups.


Signing ceremony

In order to recognize teachers and staff who have made outstanding contributions to the cooperation and exchange between the two schools, the two universities jointly awarded Andrew Griffiths, Ding Hao and other 20 faculty members outstanding leadership award, outstanding research award, dedication and impact award, and professional service award. The universities presented awards to the winning representatives at the ceremony.


The Awards ceremony

Guo Guihang, a teacher from the school of International Business English, He Ke, an alumnus of the School of International Business English in 2007, and Liu Wenqing, a student from the Innovation Class of Economics and Business Faculty in 2021, spoke as representatives of the teachers and students. They shared their experiences and gains from participating in the cooperation projects between GDUFS and the University of Queensland in terms of teaching, academic cooperation and learning experience.




Representatives of teachers and students made speeches

After the ceremony, the MBA New Vision lecture was held in the International Conference Hall. The lecture was held by Business Faculty and hosted by Yuan Denghua, vice dean of the Business Faculty of GDUFS. Participants shared their viewpoints surrounding the theme of international business education and cooperation in the new era.


Group photo

It is reported that GDUFS and the University of Queensland have carried out cooperation in the fields of international trade, business, finance, accounting, law, information technology and other fields such as teacher-student exchanges, scholar visits, academic research and so on. Up to now, the student programs have been jointly set up by the two universities include one-way undergraduate program, 2+2 undergraduate double degree program, 2+2 overseas study training program, business and education master's training program, master's double degree program, etc. GDUFS has sent more than 1500 students of all kinds to the University of Queensland.

Renews On the morning of March 29, Shi Youqi, secretary of the Party Committee and president of our University, and Jiao Fangtai, vice president of our University met Deborah Terry AO, president of the University of Queensland, in the VIP Hall of the Administration Building of Baiyunshan Campus. Shi Youqi introduced the history of cooperation between our university and the University of Queensland and the construction of the Confucius Crape Myrta Classroom, Australia. He pointed out that the two universities have achieved remarkable results in the past 20 years of cooperation, and would like to continue to strengthen practical cooperation with the University of Queensland in the future, so as to promote the education of China and Australia to a higher level. Deborah Terry AO praised GDUFS for its work in professional development, talent development and internationalization. In the future, she hopes the two universities will give full play to their respective advantages to achieve win-win cooperation and provide a strong impetus for strengthening cultural exchanges between Australia and China. After the meeting, the delegation visited the school history hall.

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The delegation visited the school history hall