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More than Seven Thousand Freshmen Ready to Start a New Journey in GDUFS

Time:September 1, 2022  Author:Liu Dan  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS News Website   Photo:From the GDUFS News Website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, August 29th , 2022: August 28th is the day when freshmen come to GDUFS to formally start their college life. Bathing in the pleasant weather, these freshmen full of excitement for their new life, become a part of GDUFS. During the registration, a big-data system helped to provide updates on the real-time situation. And meanwhile many volunteers offered their help to these freshmen. Statistics show that this year the number of freshman adds up to 5547 and for postgraduates the number is 2159. The School of Law also welcomed its first group of PHD students.




Freshmen were registering

Volunteers and senior undergraduates offered their help to freshmen to register efficiently

In spite of the heat, at 7o’clock in the morning, volunteers and many senior undergraduates had already got themselves ready to welcome the arriving freshmen. Some held guiding signs. Some helped to carry suitcases. Some assisted with measuring the freshmen’s body temperature, luggage disinfection, and handing out registration materials. Yao, one of the volunteers from the Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture, expressed his satisfaction with the arrangement of the volunteering work. “The combination of fixed and mobile registration desks made the whole process very efficient,” he said.




 The volunteers were helping

Liao, a new student from the School of Business, as well as his parents, were among those to express their good impression of GDUFS with its generous volunteers. “I’d also like to volunteer next year,” Liao said. Some freshmen who just arrived intended to make friends by volunteering. All the volunteers have provided enthusiastic help to freshmen, encouraging new students to feel our sincere welcome as they become a part of the family.
Aside from volunteers, many senior undergraduates took part as mentors. Many of them had been welcomed by this same kind of generous help several years ago, so this year was their chance to continue the tradition. One of them is Lin from the School of Journalism and Communication, who has designed colorful activities with other mentors to help freshmen fit in well.

To help the new students get ready to start college life as soon as possible, GDUFS provides them with a platform called Enterprise Wechat where they can complete their personal information, apply for a green code in advance, and purchase specified insurance. The Wechat numbers of all faculty are also provided so that students can get in touch with their teachers and classmates early. The teachers can also use Wechat to provide reminders about the epidemic. What’s more, the new students are given lectures about antifraud in virtual classrooms before they start college life.

A new semester and new life at GDUFS

On August 28th, around 7:50 on a morning bathed in pleasant sunshine, Chen—a new student from the School of Information Science and Technology—first arrived at GDUFS. It’s her first journey thousand miles away from her hometown in Anhui Province. When speaking of the upcoming college life her eyes were shining with excitement. "I can’t wait to broaden my horizons here,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the chance to improve myself.”

Arriving students were surprised to find that their faculties had prepared gifts for them. Mentors from the School of Journalism and Communication made postcards for the new members’ arrival. Meanwhile at classroom 101, the gifts—cola with each student’s name on the can, for new students from School of Accounting—attracted lots of attention. The color of the cola can, flaming red, exactly expressed the faculty’s enthusiastic welcome. The instructor said that the tradition of this gift had been inherited from last year. Moreover, the School of Accounting had specially made new students a map of campus and some other introductory materials. After receiving the first gift, Chen felt a strong sense of belonging to GDUFS.


Postcards for freshmen


Specially designed presents for freshmen

On August 28th, at the campus of GDUFS in Knowledge City, many students took pictures with their parents to capture this meaningful moment. Ye, a freshman from School of Law expressed his satisfaction with the accommodation. “This will improve my capabilities,” he said, “and it’ll help me become a lawyer someday. I’d like to work with foreign-related businesses.”

Li, another freshman from Faculty of Interpretation and Translation, said that the volunteers were all very warm-hearted. “I’d like to improve myself with academic research,” she said. “I’d also like to practice my translating skills, so that someday I’m well-prepared for my job.”

This year, GDUFS welcomed a new major in digital economics. Confronting such an unusual major, Song, one of students in this new field, expressed her own understanding. "This major is cutting-edge due to today’s thriving economy,” she said. “I’m sure I can do well here. And someday I can dedicate myself to our country’s economic development.”

The school authorities paid a visit to spots for welcoming new students and greet these new members

The Party Secretary and President Shi Youqi and other attendants paid a visit to spots set for welcoming new students on the north campus and had a conversation with the directors in charge of the welcoming work. After learning about the complex process for welcoming newcomers, he thought highly of the smooth registration work. Additionally, he gave the students his wishes that we students should stay diligent with our inner commitment and drive. At the hall of Students Service Center, he had nice conversations with students caringly.

Tang Rui, Deputy Party Secretary, guided a visit to the campus located in University Town with other school authorities, where they inspected canteens and dormitories and also communicated with the new comers caringly. He also greeted the volunteers and staff, as well as conveying his best wishes to a few new students whose birthday happened to be that day.

Liu Haichun, Vice President, visited the Knowledge City campus that day and advices students to appreciate the rigorous academic atmosphere on campus and take every opportunity to improve themselves.




The school authorities were visiting

Embark on a new journey

Chen, a new student from School of Accounting, has had a connection to GDUFS even before. "It’s because my grandparents,” she said. “Both of them graduated from GDUFS several decades ago. I can’t wait to experience college life just like they did!” Similarly, another freshman, Lai, majoring in business, has followed family’s recommendation in entering the university. “I plan to enjoy life here to the fullest,” she said.

Kou—a former judge assistant in the first holding of the Circuit Court—returned to GDUFS. This time he comes as the first of the university students to study for a PHD in law. Both Kou and one of his classmates Li expressed their delight in being able to continue their research at GDUFS. “I hope to make a breakthrough here,” he said.




Embark on a new journey

By the Yuxin lake, a mother was taking pictures with her daughter, Zhou, a postgraduate from School of International Business. “For me,” she said, “GDUFS was the first choice.” With a snap, Zhou’s shining smile was captured in GDUFS. New chapter of Zhou’s journey just begins from this moment.

What’s more, GDUFS welcomed two twin girls this year. The sisters separately study in Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture and School of English for International Business—and like many other students, they’re excited to begun a new chapter of their life at GDUFS.

"We plan to take care of each other while we’re here,” said one of the twins. “We can’t wait to explore this new life together!