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The Annual Review Meeting for Foreign Teachers was Held

Time:February 27, 2022  Author:YU Wei  Editor:Kyle Muntz,Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, January 11th2022: On the evening of January 7th, the annual 2021 review meeting for foreign teachers as well as teachers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in our school (hereinafter referred to as “foreign teachers”) was held simultaneously in the conference hall on the third floor of the administration building on the North Campus and the online conference room. Jiao Fangtai, the Vice Principal, delivered a speech. Personnel in charge of foreign affairs from every faculty, all of the university’s foreign teachers and all staff of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department attended the conference.

Conference (both online and in person)

Jiao mentioned in his speech that despite the severe COVID-19 situation in 2021, the teaching activities of foreign teachers in our school were carried out in an orderly manner. On behalf of the school, he expressed sincere gratitude to all of the foreign teachers who not only worked hard in daily teaching but also made prominent contributions to the international development of the school. Looking back on the past year, GDUFS has made new progress in international cooperation and exchanges and will continue to promote the construction of a high-level university with distinctive international characteristics in the new year. He put forward three requirements for foreign teachers in the new year: the first is to develop wiser eyes and recruit a variety of intelligent students; second, to optimize services and enhance management; third, to strengthen communication and coordination.

Jiao Fangtai’s address

Ke Xiaohua, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, chaired the meeting. Lu Lu, Vice Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, gave a brief introduction of the relevant work and policies of the foreign teachers in 2021. This focused on six aspects: campus pandemic control, contract management, teaching management, scientific research projects, professional title assessment and academic exchange activities. She was grateful to the foreign teachers for their active cooperation with the school’s pandemic prevention and control management, encouraged foreign teachers to recommend excellent international talents to the school and to actively participate in teaching, scientific research, professional title assessment and other activities, together devoting their strength to the development of education.

Roni Bhowmik, foreign teacher from School of Business, and Sun Xiaofang, foreign teacher from Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture Faculty of Asian and African Studies (under preparation), shared their warm moments in teaching, scientific research and daily life at the meeting. David Andrews, foreign teacher from the School of English for International Business, and Nemanja Glintic, a foreign teacher from the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures who teaches Serbian language, shared their feelings about teaching and living abroad online. They all expressed thanks for the development platform and opportunities provided by the school and plan to continue to contribute their efforts to the development of GDUFS.

Representing all the faculties, Liu Humin, Deputy Dean of Faculty of English Language and Culture, and Xu Yiqing, Deputy Dean of School of Business, gave a brief introduction of the foreign teachers work. Liu Humin affirmed that every foreign teacher of the faculty spared no effort and took on their responsibility for the teaching work, expressing thanks for the strong support of the school for the foreign teachers work. Xu Yiqing gave a brief introduction of the foreign teachers work and achievements in the past year. She said that foreign teachers made certain contributions to both the daily teaching and the scientific research of the faculty, winning praise from all of the teachers and students of the faculty.

On the afternoon of January 7th, International Cooperation and Exchange Department organized Chinese New Year Culture Experience Activities for the foreign teachers. Under the guidance of volunteers, the foreign teachers learnt about the Chinese character “福”, Spring Festival couplets and calligraphy culture, feeling the warmth of the new year in advance. During the calligraphy experience segment, the foreign teachers began with learning to hold a brush and used the brush to write the Chinese character “福” and the Spring Festival couplets stroke by stroke, expressing their beautiful expectations and wishes for the new year. In the process of writing calligraphy, volunteers explained the general meaning of every couplet for the foreign teachers. At the end of the activity, every foreign teacher created calligraphy works that satisfied themselves.

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