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Chinese Language Majors from the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Verde Launch School-Opening Ceremony

Time:December 28, 2021  Author:Jasmine  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Yang Xin  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, December 23rd 2021: Recently, the central hall of the newly-built campus of the University of Cape Verde has witnessed its first school opening ceremony for Chinese language major undergraduates. Attendants include Du Xiaocong, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Cape Verde; Ulydes, State Secretary of the Republic of Cape Verde; Nascimento, president of University of Cape Verde; Liu Jianda(attending online), vice president of GDUFS; He Sai, chairman of the Cape Verde-Chinese Friendship Association; leaders of Chinese business organizations in Cape Verde; cheifs of relevant departments of the University of Cape Verde and middle schools; and 130 freshmen and parents.

During the opening ceremony

Du Xiaocong notes in affirmation that this is another special landmark in the cultural exchanges between China and Cape Verde. As a witness to the rapid development of Chinese education in Cape Verde from the signing ceremony of Confucius Institute in 2015, Du Xiaocong believes that the establishment of the Chinese language major furnishes a robust platform for Cape Verde to nurture their own Chinese teachers, which is bound to benefit the Cape Verde-China friendships. He also advises the first undergraduates to capture this chance and work hard, building up a profound expertise in Chinese, broadening their insights into the larger world and making contributions to collaboration between the two countries.

Du Xiaocong makes a speech in the ceremony

Ulydes points out that learning Chinese is of great importance, and she expresses the gratitude for the long-term assistance that the Chinese government and universities have provided for students in Cape Verde. What’s more, she holds the belief that the program set for Chinese major undergraduates will definitely equip students with extra globally competitive advantages .

Ulydes, State Secretary of the Republic of Cape Verde, delivers a speech

When it comes to Nascimento’s feeling towards the new major, she says it’s like a dream coming true. Nascimento thinks highly of the outstanding achievements made by the Confucius Institute during this six-year period in courses on language and culture, Chinese level exams, the “Chinese Bridge” competition, and various cultural promotion, which strengthens her confidence in the Confucius Institute’s efforts in the undergraduates’ education in Chinese language.

Nascimento, president of University of Cape Verde, delivers her speech

Liu Jianda congratulates the Confucius Institute in University of Cape Verde on the brand-new progress in Chinese major. He also fully affirmed the Confucius Institute’s accomplishment on Chinese education in Cape Verde , and promises that GDUFS will continue to support the development of the Chinese major.

He Sai, chairman of the Cape Verde-Chinese Friendship Association, says that, as one of the first Cape Verde students studying in China, he has witnessed the skyrocketing development of China, and after returning home he has devoted his life to the Cape Verde-China friendship. As a senior schoolmate, he feels proud of the Chinese major students who make up their minds to learn Chinese. He firmly believes that Chinese will help them make their dreams come true and develop a global vision. President of Confucius Institute of University of Cape Verde, Emelinda, briefly recalls the endeavor of setting up the undergraduate Chinese major. On behalf of the Confucius Institute, she is thankful for the students and parents who chose to study Chinese in the Confucius Institute of University of Cape Verde, promising that the Institute will propel the development of the Chinese major for the sake of students’ bright future.

Ruan Zuoyin, teacher representative, takes the Chinese learning experience of his two students as example, encouraging freshman students to be brave to seize every opportunity to realize their dreams in this new major. Representing the students, Long Yongsheng speaks out thoughts of all students: “China is in my heart.” As the earliest student in the Confucius Institute, Long Yongsheng’s burning passion for Chinese motivates him to further study Chinese, to improve himself and work hard to spread Chinese language and culture.

Wonderful performances in the opening ceremony

Teachers and students in the Cape Verde-China Friendship Association provide a visual feast for attenders. The opening dance Green Birds vividly shows the birds’ breaking of their shell, flapping their wings and flying away, which suggests the best wishes and expectations for the first Chinese major undergraduates. Emotional voices and an infectious melody played by the Music College students come to all attenders’ ears and deep into their hearts. The dance Evening Bell at Nanping Hill by teachers from the Confucius Institute greatly manifests the beauty of the east; dancers smoothly twirl their folding fans and gracefully wave their artistic long sleeves, which engages both the mind and the eye. The whole performance ends with a cheerful and youthful Dance of Youth, which creatively combines the Xinjiang style dances and suona horn, a kind of Chinese folk music instrument. Eventually, the ceremony ends in warmth with all teachers and students in the Confucius Institute singing the song Place Where Flowers Bloom.