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The Delegations of The Consulate General of Portugal, Brazil and Angola in Guangzhou Visited GDUFS

Time:December 6, 2021  Author:Elena Liao  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Yang Xin  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, December 6th 2021: On the afternoon of November 30th, the consulate general of Portugal, Brazil and Angola in Guangzhou paid a visit to GDUFS. Jiao Fangtai, the vice president of GDUFS, met the guests in the VIP room of the executive building of the north campus. They held talks on deepening the cooperation between the universities of the above-mentioned countries and GDUFS, negotiated the holding of the opening ceremony of the “Portuguese Week” and other issues.

The scene of the meeting

Jiao Fangtai showed his welcome to the visit of the delegations, and gave an introduction to the construction and development of GDUFS, its development of talent, international exchange programs, and other aspects. He pointed that as a university which has distinctively international characteristics, GDUFS is committed to training high-quality international talents. At present, 28 foreign language majors have established cooperative relations with 481 universities and academic and cultural institutions of 60 countries and regions. The GDUFS Portuguese major was established in 2009, which is one of GDUFS’ 33 national first-class undergraduate professional construction points. In recent years, GDUFS has signed framework cooperation agreements with 6 Portuguese institutions and 3 Brazilian institutions, hosted several "China-Africa Legal Talent Exchange Program Workshops", and jointly formed the " Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Portuguese Education Alliance" with universities in Hong Kong and Macao to promote educational cooperation and exchange. He also said that in the future, GDUFS is willing to maintain good relationships with the consulate general of the three countries in Guangzhou. With cultural exchange as the link and cultural communication as a bridge, GDUFS will jointly expand exchange and cooperation in the fields of culture and education. In addition, GDUFS will actively support the 2022 "Portuguese Week" activities, and deepen the understanding of teachers and students in Portuguese-speaking culture.

Anna Cordero, the Consul General of the Consulate General of Portugal in Guangzhou; Du Fei, the Consul General of the Consulate General of Brazil in Guangzhou; and Jutit Albino da Costa, the Consul General of the Consulate General of Angola in Guangzhou, expressed their gratitude for the welcome offered by GDUFS. They affirmed their appreciation of GDUFS’ educational achievement and their positive attitudes towards the educational cooperation that has been carried out with Portuguese-speaking countries. They hoped to further enhance communication with GDUFS and expand cooperation and exchange in more areas. In terms of the activities and themes of the Portuguese Week, the Consul Generals put forward constructive suggestions and ideas, and looked forward to the strong support of teachers and students for the activities of Portuguese Week. They said that the Consulate Generals of Portugal, Brazil and Angola in Guangzhou would, as always, support the education of GDUFS and boost the cooperation between GDUFS and Portuguese-speaking countries in the field of culture.

Group photo

Relevant officials from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Institute of Western Language and Culture attended the meeting.