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Keiji Kamei, Consul General of Japan in Guangzhou and his Delegation Visit GDUFS

Time:May 24, 2021  Author:HE Vanessa  Editor:Kyle Muntz, Wang Mengyu  Source:From the GDUFS news website   Photo:From the GDUFS news website

On the morning of May 14, the new consul general of Japan in Guangzhou, Keiji Kamei, and his delegation visited our school. Shi Youqi, President of GDUFS, met with the guests in the VIP room of the administration building of the North Campus. The two sides exchanged views on establishing friendly cooperative relations and promoting exchanges between the two universities.

Talks between the two parties

Shi welcomed the visit of Keiji Kamei and his entourage, and introduced our school to the delegation. He said that GDUFS is a high-level university with distinctive international characteristics, with a broad international perspective, and has established friendly and cooperative relations with many overseas universities and institutions. Among them, our school has signed cooperation agreements with 28 famous Japanese universities such as Sophia University, Osaka Prefecture University, Kyoto Women's University, etc., and established its first Confucius Institute with Sapporo University in Hokkaido, Japan. He pointed out that in 1978, our school was approved by the State Education Commission to set up the first Japanese master's degree awarding site in Guangdong Province. In 2007, our school was officially approved to confer a doctor's degree. It was approved as a specialty construction site of the Ministry of Education in 2010. In addition, the Asian campus project innovative talent training model, China, Japan and South Korea tripartite multinational joint school running effect is remarkable, and has been highly praised by the education departments of the three countries. The Japanese teachers and students in the school have actively participated in various school activities and contributed to the cultural exchanges between the two countries. He hoped that in the future, with the support of the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou, the cooperation and exchanges between our school and Japanese universities and institutions can be further deepened, and the friendly exchanges between the two sides can be promoted.

Keiji Kamei expressed his affirmation of our school's achievements in training Japanese talents. He emphasized that promoting cultural exchange between Guangdong and Japan is one of the important goals of the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou, and our school has made outstanding contributions to promoting educational cooperation and exchanges between China and Japan. He pointed out that with the strong support of our school, a series of activities such as the National Japanese Speech Contest have been held successfully, and the training of Japanese talents has been fruitful. He looks forward to strengthening cooperation between our two school in various fields in the future to contribute to the education of the two countries.

Group photo

Relevant persons in charge of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of our university, and the Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture, Faculty of Asian and African Studies (under preparation) attended the meeting. Subsequently, the Japanese Consul General in Guangzhou visited the tea ceremony room of our school and had discussions with the teachers and students.