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The Catholic University of Peru Celebrates the 11th Anniversary of its Confucius Institute

Time:October 5, 2020  Author:WANG Lisa  Editor:王梦羽  Source:   Photo:

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, October 2nd 2020: An online meeting was held by GDFUS and Catholic University of Peruat 10p.m. on September 27th(9a.m. in Peru). JIAO Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS; Dr. Manuel Briceño Ortega; Dr. Jorge Luis Cáceres Arce; Dr. Máximo Orlando Mario Rondón; as well as Dr. César Cáceres Zárate, Vice Presidents of the Catholic University of Peru, attended the meeting together.

An online meeting for celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Confucius Institute

JIAO Fangtai looked back on the progress made by the Confucius Institute of Catholic University of Peru during the speech, as well its history of impressive teamwork. He also praised the efforts the two universities contributed to during the epidemic.

A speech delivered by JIAO Fangtai

Dr. Manuel Briceño Ortega, President of the Catholic University of Peru, expressed his thoughts that the Confucius Institute has made a breakthrough in cultural exchange between the two countries.

A speech delivered by Dr. Manuel Briceño Ortega, President of the Catholic University of Peru (on the right)

During the meeting, representatives of teachers and students from the Confucius Institute shared their stories. There were six volunteers who successfully ran several activities such as two phases of online teaching, the “Chinese Bridge” Competition, a talent show in the Latin America Center, a Writing Competition in Ricardo (Peru), and the Recitation Test.

Volunteers in the Confucius Institute

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the 11thanniversary of the Confucius Institute was held online for the first time. Teachers and students gathered on the internet to discuss the future development of the Confucius Institute and appreciate the Chinese Dance and Chinese Martial arts recorded by our School League Committee.

Chinese Dance Teng

Chinese Martial arts Spirits of China

KE Xiaohua, Office Director of Confucius Institute; PENG Qigui, Chinese President of the Confucius Institute in Catholic University of Peru; Dr. Angélica, Peru President of the Confucius Institute, also attended this activity.