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Manin Language High School in Italy Sends a Letter of Gratitude To Teachers And Students at GDUFS

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North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, April 25th 2020: Recently, the teachers and students of Manin Language High School in Cremona, Italy, sent a letter to express gratitude to teachers and students of our Italian major for their assistance. The letter conveys the determination of surviving the virus together and the deep friendship in-between that has formed over the years.


After learning of the outbreak in Italy, ZHANG Haihong and ZHAN Siqi, both teachers at GDUFS's Italian department, and alumni LI Wei, LI Xinghong set up a four-person working group to organize an Italian alumni donation. Within two days, 117 alumni responded with a total of RMB46,040. The Working Group used the money to procure eight boxes of disposable medical masks (2000/case) and to send to the Italian cooperative institutions by international couriers: the University of Pavia,the University of Macerata , the Crema Bagcioli School of Business and Technology, the Cremona Manin Language High Schoolandthe University of Naples - L'Orientale (UNO). In addition, the remaining sum of 800euros was remitted to the donation account of the Hospital San Matteo affiliated with the University of Pavia. Currently the supplies have arrived at the institutions little by little.


Letter from Manin Language High School


Letter from the student representative


Content of the letter from Cremona Manin Language High School:


Our school has already received the donations from you. I would like to thank you all for these valuable materials as are working together to combat the new coronavirus epidemic. It's very difficult to obtain masks in Italy at the moment, hence your donation has helped us to organize our graduation exams in an orderly way and keep our students and teachers safe.


Besides, thanks to all the students in the Italian department! Over the years, many of them have come to our school to exchange and have established a sincere friendship with our students. We are happy to see the continuation of this friendship between the two schools.


Our school executive committee held a remote meeting two days ago. I introduced the generosity of your department to all during the meeting. The student representatives at the meeting are grateful for this and hope to thank you directly. Therefore, a letter of thanks from our student representatives is attached, and they will express their thanks to you on behalf of all the students at Manning High School.


We look forward to our reunion and thank you all for the supplies again.


Contents of the letter from the student representative:


Dear students and teachers, on behalf of all the students at Cremona Manin Language High School, we would like to thank you for your generous donation to help us fight against the new coronavirus. China, having been tested by the outbreak of the novel corona pneumonia previously, is well aware of the importance of masks in prevention. In addition, we are proud that our school has also established Chinese courses, hoping to build a deeper friendship in the future.


Once again, we offer our greetings and our thanks!