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Lecturer/ Associate Professor/ Professor with special responsibility for major Czech Language and Culture

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – Faculty of European Languages & Cultures

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is one of the prestigious universities in Canton, China which specializes in international studies and educates professionals for international business and management.

Faculty of European Languages & Cultures is one of the first faculties established in GDUFS. The Faculty is featured with an international learning environment with a bilingual teaching pedagogy and a student-centered educational philosophy. At present, ten majors are included in the Faculty, which are French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Serbian-Croatian and Czech-Slovakian languages. In addition, the Faculty open the Intercultural Communication Research Center, the Latin American Studies Center, the Russian Studies Center, and the Teaching and Research Center of the Western Non-Universal Languages. The Faculty has a strong and well-structured contingent of quality teachers, among them 11 have professorship, and 16 have associate professorship. In terms of foreign exchange and cooperation in education, the faculty has a wide range of international and inter-school contacts, maintaining good relations with several Czech Universities like Charles University and Masaryk University.

The ideal candidate will be a fluent  speaker of Czech language with a Bachelor’s degree or above in Czech language or Czech culture or education, or alternatively equivalent experience in teaching Czech language or professional language service provision.


1. Teach courses as prescribed in the programme curricular.

2. Help make recordings for academic purposes, participate and assist in the students’ academic and recreational activities.

3. Provide consultation on teaching and research to Chinese colleagues.

4. Assist in curriculum development and administrative assignments.


Remuneration Package:

Standard of Salary

Lecturer RMB8000 - RMB9200 /month;
Assistant Professor: RMB9000 - RMB11000 /month;
Professor RMB 13,000-RMB 23,000 /month;

(Long-term foreign teachers should pay individual income tax.)

Free Accommodation
We provide free accommodation on campus for the long-term foreign teachers

(Fees of electricity, gas and toll call should be paid by individuals.)

Insurance & Medical Care
Long-term foreign teachers will be entitled to public medical care the same as the other faculty members of the school. (Detail will be shown in contract)

Flight Subsidy (paid monthly, inclusive of salary)

America and Canada:
America RMB 1,100 / month;
Canada RMB 1,200 /month
Western Europe: RMB 1,200 / month

How to Apply:
Professors and associate professors, with relevant graduate degree or above, and those with abundant experience of teaching or practices in enterprises have priority. All applicants must submit the following:

1. Updated resume

2. Copy of highest degree certificate

3. Teacher service record, if applicable

4. At least two reference letters


For those who are interested in working for a dynamic and prestigious university in Guangzhou, China, please contact: