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Go Outside and Touch Nature

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On May 15th, a hike around Yekaterinburg city (Russia) fired its starting gun, which was organized by the Confucius Institute of Ural Federal University. To complete this outdoor activity smoothly, teachers and students prepared special designed hiking towels and hoodies with printed pandas and the logo of Confucius Institute. They walked about 17 kilometers and infused their spirit of energy and health into the city.


Hiking with Chinese pandas


Teachers and students enjoyed the hike


Yekaterinburg has splendid scenery with vast areas of forests, which imparts challenges and excitement to outdoor activities. Both teachers and students were in high spirits and sang many Chinese songs during the joyful hike. They relaxed themselves by strolling in suburbs; meanwhile, they enriched their life with the beauty of nature. Students look forward to more activities like this, which assimilates them into the healthy local lifestyle.


Local people were also involved with the hike


Besides the Confucius Institute, the local government and many exercise organizations contributed to this activity. Thanks to them, the hike attracted lots of local people as well as fitness enthusiasts from surrounding cities. It successfully spreads the idea of being friendly to environment.


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