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The Confucius Institute at Sapporo University Held Cultural Salons

Time:December 29, 2015  Author:  Editor:  Source:   Photo:

In order to make Chinese culture further integrate into the community and university, the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University recently held a series of cultural salons and university staff tea conferences. 

Dean of the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University, Zhang Weixiong, was giving a lecture.

It is reported that starting in 2014, the cultural salon and university staff tea conference have been held once a month, hosted by Chinese and Japanese Dean of the Confucius Institute personally. The content includes learning to sing Chinese songs, experiencing Chinese calligraphy, Chinese tea tasting, Poetry Appreciation, discussing hotspots in China, and so on. The organisers have also invited Chinese students to participate, letting them communicate with students of the Confucius Institute directly. Both the activities are popular among students and faculty of the Confucius Institute. They praised that the activities not only give them some knowledge about the current situation in China, but also give them the opportunity to communicate with Chinese students and practice oral Chinese with them. It can be called "killing three birds with one stone."

Chinese Dean Pan Jiemin was giving a lecture.

The Confucius Institute at Sapporo University constantly opens up new cultural activities, further allowing the university and the community to deepen understanding of the Confucius Institute and Chinese culture. The goal of the Confucius Institute is to be based in Sapporo and spread influence throughout Hokkaido. Soon the Institute will give lectures about Chinese language and culture to the local SMEs in Otaru and Hakodate, which are the tour cities gathered with many Chinese tourists, with the purpose of meeting the needs of local service industries while expanding the influence of the Institute.

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