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Academic Departments

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英语语言文化学院 Faculty of English Language and Culture

经济贸易学院 School of Economics and Trade

国际商务英语学院 School of English for International Business

商学院 School of Business

会计学院 School of Accounting

金融学院 School of Finance

西方语言文化学院 Faculty of European Languages and Cultures

日语语言文化学院、亚非语言文化学院(筹)Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture/Faculty of Asian and African Studies(under preparation)

东方语言文化学院 Faculty of Asian Languages and Cultures

中国语言文化学院 Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture

法学院 School of Law

国际关系学院 School of international Relations

英语教育学院 School of English Education

信息科学与技术学院、网络空间安全学院 School of Information Science and Technology, School of Cyber Security

社会与公共管理学院 School of Public Administration

马克思主义学院 School of Marxism

高级翻译学院 School of Interpreting and Translation Studies

新闻与传播学院 School of Journalism

艺术学院 College of Art

数学与统计学院 School of Mathematics and Statistics

体育部 Department of Physical Education

高等继续教育学院 、公开学院、电子竞技学院 Institute of Advanced Continuing Education, Open College, School of Electronic Sports

国际学院 International College

出国培训部 Center for Foreign Languages Training

留学生教育学院 Institute for International Education

创新创业教育学院 School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

国际服务外包人才培养基地 Teaching and Research Center for International Service Outsourcing

非通用语种本科人才培养基地 Teaching and Research Centre for Less Commonly Taught Languages