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Wang Tinghui, Vice President

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Professor Wang Tinghui received her Economics from Peking University in 1990, World Economics from Renmin University of China in 1996, and Political Economics from South China Normal Universityin 2003.She has been doctoral supervisor since 2008.

Her main research interests include Regulation Economics, Modern Austrian Economics, developmental policy and institutional economics. She has been principal investigator of ten national or provincial research projects, authored three academic monographs and over sixty referred papers. She has been recipient of municipal or provincial awards for excellence in research.

She holds a number of other social positions among which are Vice Chairman of Das Kaptical Research Association of National Colleges and Universities of Finance and Economics, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Public Administration Society, and council member of the Industrial regulator Committee of Chinese Industrial Economic Association.

She has been Vice President of Guangdong Universityof Foreign Studiessince May 2019.